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Our Process


Seed, Grow, Harvest

Our Wheatbelt farmers manage their oats holistically, rotating with other grains such as lupin, wheat and pasture, with the stubble grazed by livestock. This minimises weeds, maximises soil health and produces a strong, healthy crop packed with nutrients.

Prepare the Oats

Local millers dehull, stabilise and roll the oats, unlocking the flavour, fibre and nutrients. We are using Bannister variety oats which grow well in the local climate and the large groats roll out beautifully.

Oat Milk Production Stage 1

International Foods is a family business in Italy who have 25 years’ experience in plant-based drinks. They mix our oats with water, a little cold-pressed sunflower oil for creaminess and whip-ability, and a pinch of salt for flavour.

Oat Milk Production Stage 2

The oat milk mix is blended, heated, sieved and chilled, before adding Calcium Carbonate, Riboflavin, Vitamin D and B12 to ensure a balanced dairy milk alternative. It is filled into long life packaging to allow for food safe distribution across Australia and into Asia.

Packaging End-of-life

The Tetrapak Brik we use is made from 75% paperboard with a Bio-based LightCap, making it light weight and easy to transport. Tetrapak are world leaders in the provision of sustainable packaging.


More a fridge staple than a fringe alternative, Dirty Clean Food Oat Milks are available to enjoy when you are out and about or at home. It is delicious and nutritious - an excellent source of fibre and vitamins, low in fat and cholesterol free.

Dirty Clean Food Oat Milk Original has a 4 Star Health Rating being low in Saturated Fats, Sugars and Sodium, and high in Energy.  

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