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Naturally Regeneratively


We love our farmers for lots of reasons, but it’s the way they care for the land that really makes our heart sing. They practice regenerative farming, which is farming just as nature intended it. This healthy, vibrant soil draws down carbon and grows delicious, nutrient-dense oats to make our oat milk – the only plant-based milk in the world that is carbon-neutral certified and made using WA-grown oats. Our oats have fewer inputs, require less water and produce lower greenhouse gas emissions than other plant-based alternatives, making our milk not only tasty and convenient, but also gentle on mother earth. 


Carbon Neutral
Certified Oat Milk

Reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting emissions is important to us. We have measured all the emissions associated with growing, harvesting, transporting and manufacturing from the farm gate to our Perth based warehouse.

OatUP = 0.06kg CO2/1 litre
We forward purchased carbon offsets in line with our holistic commitment to ensure positive social and environmental impact. The two Australian based projects chosen demonstrate
strong alignment to the Company’s mission:

- Bierbank and Lanherne Regeneration Project (QLD). ERF101519SMRC Waste

- Composting Facility Project (WA). EOP10019


Over the next 12 months the Company will:

- Create a detailed emission reduction plan and support program to encourage further emission reductions in farming operations. Analysis shows that our farming partner produced grain with 40% less emissions per kg, when compared to standard through applying regenerative farming practices. (AusLCI benchmark; 2019 growing season).

- Undertake a formal feasibility study for the establishment of a West Australian based manufacturing plant to reduce emissions. The long distances with European manufacture mean that transport is a major contributor currently.

Certifying body: Climate Active (a partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action)


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