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Tree Planting Update

This week Christie and TA visited Warren Pensini’s farm down at Boyup Brook to update his annual Regenerative Farm Plan and check out locations for this year’s tree planting project.

Warren is working with Commonland and the Mulloon Institute to develop a landscape rehydration project on his farm. As part of the 2022 tree planting component of this project, Warren will be planting over 25 000 trees across 40 hectares on his farm. In addition to the grant funding they have secured, Dirty Clean Food is looking to raise a total of $9000 to cover the additional cost of some of the trees.

So far our customers (and many of our staff!) have purchased 715 trees, equalling $1430 towards our $9000 goal! We thank you all for your contributions so far.

Here you can see one of the farm maps created by Warren and the Mulloon Institute, the areas blocked out in tan being the water balance planting, which will run along and either side of this laneway. This area is part of the water recharge zone, which includes the ridge tops and higher areas of the farm. The idea is to keep the water as high in the landscape as possible, and for it to infiltrate rather than run off.

If you’d like to help us reach our goal and restore biodiversity to the wheatbelt, click here to purchase a tree with your next order! Only $2 for a lifetime of benefits. Our planet will thank you for it.

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