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Local seafood used by Perth's best restaurants now available for delivery to your door

Local seafood used by Perth's best restaurants now available for delivery to your door

Even if you have a penchant for quality seafood, you may not have heard of Fins. The reason is, Fins Seafood almost exclusively delivers to restaurants. We’re not talking about just any brick-and-mortar venue, here. We mean places like Balthazar in the city and Young George in East Fremantle—two restaurants which we also supply to, in case you were wondering. The acclaimed chefs behind these two venues choose Fins, of course, because the quality is incomparable.

Yes, we are giving Fins Seafood a mighty wrap here. And we’ll get to why that is the case in a bit. But first, we want to let you know why Fins has become the go-to among several of the best chefs in town (and around the world, actually).

John Cordin, Fins Founder and CEO, said in a chat we had last week the quality is due to the company's sustainable philosophy. "Ultimately, we're about protecting fisheries," Cordin said. "We're here for future generations."

To achieve this, Fins only sells line-caught fish, meaning the fisherman use a hook, not a net or trap. This is important when you consider a fisherman who uses a hook can only catch one fish at a time—which is more sustainable. (Nets and traps are a more mass-produced technique that lowers the quality of the meat and can distress the fish).

Plus, seeing as the fisherman can only catch one at a time, he kills the fish instantly, using a Japanese technique called ike jime. The technique is considered the most humane because it lowers stress levels for fish. And, as a bi-product, it improves eating quality, too.

Here’s another reason why we like Fins. As a rule, Fins fishermen are only ever out at sea for around two days, compared to others who are known to go on ventures up to two weeks.

In turn, Fins fishermen can't catch as much seafood in one trip. But the fish they do catch are the freshest you'll eat in town, providing you're not throwing out a line yourself.

But improving the health of the ocean means more than using the right techniques. You have to support and build relationships with fisherman, as well, Cordin said.

"Five years ago we started because we felt the seafood industry wasn't being well-received, mostly by fisherman, actually, who often got screwed, even though they're the ones putting their life on the line," Cordin said.

"So we decided to look after the fisherman. Once we started doing that, the quality improved."

Okay, we’ll confess now. We're giving Fins such a great wrap for a couple of reasons.

For one, we are both trying to improve the food system by nurturing the environment and people. In other words, we’re both trying to build a healthy future for the next generation.

Secondly, the team at Fins were very kind to Dirty Clean Food when starting out, selling our meat from their shop and introducing us to many restaurants around town.

Thirdly, when COVID19 hit and several restaurants Fins served had to close, they began to amass a surplus of fine-dining-grade seafood.

So, to help keep Fins and the fisherman in business during this challenging time, we were keen to help them out. One way we're doing this is by selling Fins seafood through our online store, so you too can eat the seafood that fine restaurants like Young George serve.

At the moment, you have the choice of Abroholos Islands Dhufish, Shark Bay West Snapper, Shark Bay Scallops—to name a few. Sound good? If so, you can buy HERE.

And, just so you know, we will deliver the freshly caught fish straight to your house.

Sage cooking tips

Seeing as Cordin is a seafood connoisseur, we asked him to provide a few cooking tips for you.

He replied saying he was a crap cook, which is the type of candour we admire but not that helpful for you.

Just as we were about to hang up the phone, though, he did finally offer some sage advice: "Don't do anything too fancy. Keep it simple. You want to taste the product."

So there you have it. The best seafood WA has to offer, available for delivery to your doorstep. Not only that, if you do buy Fins seafood, you're also helping a local business - which is paving the way for a better future for our oceans - stay afloat (pun intended) during this challenging period.

Again, you can visit the shop HERE.

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