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Dirty Clean Food x Filament Coffee

We are thrilled to collaborate with our mates Brendan and Aaron from Filament Coffee to bring you a delicious, smooth, and creamy cold brew blend featuring our own Dirty Clean Food Oat Milk.

Launched in December 2021, Filament have used a Colombian single origin (Popayan Reserve) with a good body and richness that pairs incredibly well with OatUP.
Fresh from university, Aaron and Brendan became friends at their first corporate job in tax accounting. The work was challenging and enjoyable, but the values of the organisation were not something that either wanted.

Their desire to do something rewarding and a love of coffee lead them on a very different career path.

Back in 2016 cold brew coffee was relatively new to the Perth coffee scene and the boys spent many hours in Aaron’s man cave experimenting with cold brew. More than 1000 coffees later they perfected their first cold brew and launched it at the Mt Claremont Farmers Markets.

Fast forward 5 years and Filament is now a thriving business with their own cold brewery in Osborne Park making Perth's best cold brew.

"We jumped at the chance to work with Dirty Clean Food who is helping people make conscious choices about their food (and coffee!) It wasn't easy to create a quality coffee that considers the lives of the growers and is accessible and affordable for everyone to enjoy. We think we've nailed it."
- Aaron and Brendan, Filament Coffee


The coffee that is used in Dirty Clean Food x Filament Coffee’s Cold Brew is a Colombian single origin (Popayan Reserve), which has a good body and richness and pairs incredibly well with OatUP, Dirty Clean Food’s oat milk. OatUP is the world’s first regeneratively grown, carbon neutral oat milk and is made using oats from local Western Australian farmers. Filament’s coffee is brewed for 14 hours and then blended with the oat milk.

The coffee beans are selected by Cofinet (coffee supplier) for their consistency and the cup profile for their coffees. Cofinet encourage growers from the Popayan Reserve in the Colombian Massif to dry ferment their coffees instead of the traditional method of washing it. Once fermentation is complete, they use a small amount of water to remove the mucilage attached to the seed. This helps to reduce overall water usage. Coffees from this program are paid based on the quality, often reaching premiums of 20% above the market price. This encourages farmers to practice more sustainably to increase the crop quality and providing an opportunity to earn more.

Filament Coffee are keen to change the culture here in Australia to move to more environmentally friendly packaging options when it comes to ready-to-drink coffee. As a result the Cold Brew comes in an aluminium can instead of your typical carton or plastic bottle.

Dirty Clean Food x Filament Coffee’s collaboration brings you a delicious, small batch cold brew. Perfect to start your day or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. It comes in 330ml single cans, a 4-pack or 16-pack. Shop here


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